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My Relaxing Forest

White  Flower

The English version is
under construction.

It will be ready very soon!

NOV. 23, 2022 New!

Live Info

AUG. 2, 2021 

2nd CD Album "Home" is now available in high resolution and streaming!

MAY. 13, 2021 
The blog is now available in four languages!

JAN. 05, 2021

Postponement Notice of the Live Performance


DEC. 04, 2020

Live Performance Information

JUL. 22, 2020

Notice for the live on July 24th (Fri.)

JUN. 25, 2020

Page "Schedule " updated

Listen to MIDORi

"MIDORi's singing voice has penetrated to the inner of my heart"

"I feel like my immune system is getting stronger when I listen to her healing voice"

"Her singing voice is gentle, but it's not only gentle, but also  strong and heartwarming like mother's love that has touched the bottom of my heart.""

"Her CDs relieve my fatigue, then relax me very much"

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