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Quadrilingual (Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, English, Japanese)

Acoustic singer


Born in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, lives in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Learn the classic piano from 5 to 16 years old. After listening to pop, rock, acoustic, AOR, black contemporary and jazz for many years, he arrived at Brazilian music.

During his visit to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2001, he was fascinated by Marisa Monte's singing "Ñ ao é fácil (not easy)" on the radio and started singing Brazilian music (bossa nova, MPB).

In 2010, at the age of 40, he started his musical activities while continuing his interpreting and translation business and his mother's business.

Studied voice training under Seiji Koizumi, Jazz Piano under Harunobu Tsuchida, and percussion under Mashu Miyazawa.

On February 27, 2016, the 1st CD Album "NATURAL" produced by guitarist Tatsuya Tsuyuki was released.

Release commemorative live performances at Hitachi, Zushi, Chigasaki, and Tokyo.


From February of the same year to March 2019, Shibuya's largest music cafe operated by e +, which sells tickets.

Regular appearance in eplus LIVING ROOM CAFE & DINING .

In addition, the CD release commemorative live was the trigger.

" Kumazawa Sake Brewery mokichi wurst cafe " in Chigasaki,

With the concept of "harmony between landscape and music that changes with the seasons"

We hold special collaboration live irregularly.

NHK E-Tele " Furu Cafe Haru-san's Holiday " featuring mokichi wurst cafe on August 23, 2017


In addition, in the summer of 2016, he translated the original song of " FLOWERS BY NAKED Enchanted Paradise ", which mobilized 76,000 people during the period, into Portuguese and was in charge of the song, gradually expanding the range of activities.

In July 2018, the 2nd CD Album "Home" produced by pianist Yukitaka Nagami was released. We select overseas masterpieces that spell out various scenes that unfold in the house, and cover them in the original language (English, Portuguese, Spanish) of each song. Also included is the original song "Trees of Life As Árvores da Vida", a collaboration with Mr. Yukitaka Nagami, whose theme is the relocation and regeneration of an old folk house.

In February 2019, the CD release live final performance was successfully completed at Motion Blue Yokohama.


Taking advantage of the experience of living in Latin America, carefully interpreting lyrics in different languages

As "Intérprete"

Bring the listener's heart to the world of different cultures.

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